7 Days NSS CAMP at Kayasthkhedi, Sanwer

11th February – 17th February, 2016 

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, NSS Unit 1 organized special 7 days camp from February 11th – 17th 2016 at Kayasthkhedi, Sanwer. The camp was attended by 44 students with the program officer. The students of UG as well as PG participated in the camp. Many activities were performed by the volunteers as a part of the camp which includes plantation, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Cleaning of Drainage, water conservation, importance of education, awareness of vaccination etc.

Day – 1 Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The day one of the NSS camp was dedicated to the most captioned campaign of the country. Students created awareness among residents of the village and also involved them into cleaning the village. The activity started with the school in the village, moved on to wells, roads, hand pumps, and the busy streets. The activity drastically changed the look of the village and developed a rapport with the villagers for continuing the activity irrespective of any constraints. 

Day - 2 Cleaning and Deepening of Drains

The next day was dedicated to deep cleaning of the village, which was causing problem in routine lives. Student deepened the drainages road side and cleaned the pipes for a better flow of the waste right out of the village. At many places the water from drains was moving into farms which was redirected by the students to save farms from the pollutant water.

Day - 3 Women Safety and Hygiene

This day volunteers invited females of village to gather at a common place. Anganwadi didi was also present to discuss the hygiene issues among girls and at the same time educated females to support girls. Safety issues were also dealt appropriately by female faculty and officers which helped females to gain confidence among themselves. Basic safety techniques were taught to females in terms of self-defense and also using safety apps in mobile to students moving out of village for higher studies.

Day - 4 Anti -Tobacco Campaign

Volunteers organized a rally to create awareness about harms from tobacco. They urged all the residents to stop using tobacco. Kids were involved to participate in the rally and aware their parents about the harmful effects.  With the help of posters and banners rally moved out into every corner of village and later the posters were pasted in the school premises for long term effect.

Day - 5 Patch work on Roads

The day volunteers reached the village, they knew it was really difficult for vehicles to reach the village due to bad road conditions. Thus, the 5th day of the NSS camp was devoted to development of road and patch work wherever necessary. Students with the help of villagers sourced the raw material from nearby areas and made the approach road smooth for travel. Villagers were really happy with such initiatives of students. They whole heartedly participated and helped students to accomplish the task.

Day - 6 Plantation

The subject of the sixth day of the camp was “Plantation”. All the volunteers formed several groups of 4-5 and were advised to plant two saplings in the gardens, courtyards and safe places of every house in the village. They also participated in awareness procession, sang slogan and played nukkad nataks on the concerned subject. Residents of Kayasthkhedi took pledge after plantation to save the plant from all bad energies and to take care of the growth and also to spread awareness for plantation.

Day - 7 Health Camp

Considering health as the most important factor for any individual, this year also NSS volunteers kept the last day of the camp reserved for health awareness. Dr. Ambrish visited the village and conducted physical health checkup for males, females and kids. Medicines were provided to all the patients from the institute. More than 200 residents came for health checkup which lasted till 5pm starting from morning 9am. 

Apart from regular activities, students conducted cultural activities on a daily basis, where in kids also participated with full zest. Every morning the volunteers with Sarpanch and government officials moved in the form of rally to create awareness for construction of washrooms and to use them. This was highly appreciated by the Sarpanch and declared the camp a successful in terms of effectiveness, as more than 400 homes had constructed washrooms while at many places it was under construction.

The last day of the camp, post completion of the health checkup closing ceremony was organized by the volunteers. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mona Tawar, Director PIPS, Sarpanch and Senior citizens of village where in they congratulated students for the great accomplishment.