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Co-Curricular Activities

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Co-Curricular Activities


  • Field work help students to develop an attitude of developing ideas and making connections between learning & break.
  • The learning outcome through Field Work is as follows:
  • Students’ learn how to apply work methods in the situation of given individuals, groups or community. 
  • Exposure to practice in systematically, preplanned methodology to solve problem such as study, analysis & management. 
  • It helps them to achieve self-awareness; foster and use relationship within a structure; gain insight regarding network of relationship in the organization. 
  • It helps the students to relate the theory and principle of work into real practice. 
  • Students gain an awareness and try multiplicity of work approaches, skills and technique. 
  • Field Work teaches students to become acquire with causes of the problem and relate them to its solution.
  • They learn to acquire knowledge about community structure and process and learn the ability to utilize community resources in support of public welfare.


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