Major Research Project


Content of Synopsis

Title of Research Project in appropriate form( See Annexure 2) 

Table of contents 

Including columns for ‘contents’, ‘page number’


Contents Page No. 

Introduction( 3-4 Pages) 

It includes Brief Introductory information related to the study which develops conceptual frame work of students.  

Rationale: (1-2 paragraph)

This Point includes reasons or justifications for the question that Why the study is needed?  

Literature Review ( Reviews of 4-5 papers/Articles , 2-3 Pages) 

This Point includes Review of the work carried out by other researcher in similar area or related area (findings from previous academic research studies in the topic under study).

This part would contain literature review written with proper in-text citations and the material from the literature review would lead to development of the various concepts (conceptual development) or variables used.

Objective(s)( Maximum 3 objectives) 

Objectives should be start with the word “To”. 

For example in ‘A study of brand loyalty in the product category of biscuits’ the objective should be:

To find the level of customer loyalty in selected biscuit brands 

Research Methodology( 1-2 Page) Research Type 

Research Unit 


Sample Size 

Sampling Method 

Tools for data collection 

Tools for data analysis  

Expected Outcomes(1-2 paragraph)

This Point includes expected result of the study.


References should be written in APA Style. 

Each element (e.g. Author[s], Date, Title, Publication information) has a standardized format including punctuation and presentation style (e.g. capital letters and italics etc.).  

Sequence of information should be  

a) Author(s) Name( Last Name first) 

b) Date or year of Publication

c) Title of the work

d) Publication Information

e) Additional information (e.g. Editions, Page No)

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