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Seminar on “Communication Skills and Personality Development”

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Seminar on “Communication Skills and Personality Development”

On 11 September, 2015 a Seminar on “Communication Skills and Personality Development” was taken by Dr. Nitin Merh. All students from MBA I and UG attended the seminar. Dr. Nitin made the students think on the immense potential that individual have in them, if explored properly what difference they can bring in the society. Dr. Nitin even asked students to meditate so that they can unfurl the energy and transfer the same in doing work more effectively. He also spoke about LEADERSHIP. He said that there are different styles of leadership and they can (nearly) all is good. The important thing is to be yourself: know your own personality so that you can be authentic in the way you engage with other people and the way you use your authority. Understand how you as an individual can best have positive impact and influence with others and try to understand how they perceive you. Always be clear in communicating your values, what you care about and what you stand for – through your behavior as well as your words. He also stated that every student has potential the only need is to realize the one thing which makes him / her different from that of others. He also emphasized on that one cannot win by talent and hard work alone. Personality development is a crucial ingredient that you must obtain. It enhances your capacity to lead and motivate. A person with a winning personality will be able to motivate better. People are less likely to get bored, and your ideas will have more credibility. You can lead better if you project an aura of confidence and credibility. It improves your communication skills. People are more receptive to what you say if they are impressed with your personality. Verbal communication skills are also part of personality development; improving your speech will strengthen the impact of your message.

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