Swachha Bharat Abhiyan Mission Activities in Institute

June 26, 2015

Swachch Bharat Abhiyan Mission Activities in Institute (Week Long Cleanliness Drive)

Swachh Bharat Mission, launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 02.10.2014, aims at making India totally clean by 2019. 

In the same line and length, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies is committed towards undertaking few activities to maintain office and residential areas clean, and to sustain the Mission to make it a grand success. Each employee has to bring about change in attitude towards cleanliness. Everyone in this regard, takes initiative of continuing the chain of this mission, so that message can spread fast.


Through Village and Rural Visits, posters for Swachh Bharat Mission are displayed. 


The Representative is responsible for cleanliness in each building and every corner of the premises. A Committee to monitor the cleanliness work and declare the cleanest workstations on daily basis is constituted. 

ENCOURAGING PARTICIPATION BY RESIDENTS: The residents’ of Mahalaxmi Nagar are also encouraged to participate in Shram Daan and the details of cleaning activities are maintained and also uploaded on the website of the Institute. 

CLEANING OF OFFICE BUILDINGS: Old files are regularly weeded out. Dismantled materials and building rubbish lying in common areas are removed promptly. The heads of each department are issued notices to remove all unserviceable furniture and records lying in record room of office building.

REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF BUILDINGS: Tidy look and clean surroundings, repair and maintenance of buildings are ensured in consultation with the Principal/Director as per availability of budget.

CLEANLINESS OF PUBLIC TOILETS AND PUBLIC PLACES: Adequate number of dust bins is provided in public places. Cleaning of public toilets, public places, dust bins, drains, etc. is to be given priority. 

MAINTENANCE OF INSTITUTE GARDEN: All gardens and green areas are cleaned regularly and maintained properly. All light fittings are made functional. Apart from the above the following aspects are acutely taken into consideration:

The walls of the rooms and premises are regularly whitewashed and well maintained.

Brain storming lectures and awareness on cleanliness are undertaken by faculty members

Cleaning and dusting of administration and various cells are done on daily basis. Regarding the same, constitution of a Committee is present to monitor the cleanliness work and declare the cleanest workstations on a daily and monthly basis 

Reviewing, Recording and weeding out of the old record, in accordance with Record Retention Schedule, by the all concerned on monthly basis 

Progressive digitization of records is in the culture of the Institute

Repairing of electrical points is done, wherever and whenever needed 

Identification of seepages in the rooms/corridors/lobbies with immediate rectification is done

Reorganizing the seating arrangements to make the Institute and all its offices look cleaner and better is organized 

Special focus is given to clean and upkeep the toilets of each Department. 

Regular cleaning of almirahs, racks, stacks and disposal of obsolete items is in regular practice

Reorganize the seating arrangements to make the departments and cells look cleaner and better organized. 

Special focus is given to clean and upkeep the toilets of each building. Renovation of old and stinky toilets is significant along with renovation of all toilets and repair/replace taps etc. half-yearly.