Staff Development Program (sdp)

Learning is imperative whether formal or informal. One must sharp the intellectual tools to achieve more and perform better towards achievement of individual and organizational goals. With this objective, the Institute organized Staff Development Program for both ground staff as well as administrative staff on 15th and 16th June 2015. The development program was organized separately for ground staff and administrative staff. The objective of the program was to motivate staff and to make them understand the importance of team work, also grievances sharing was also kept as a part of the development program. 

The session was initiated by Dr. CA P K Jain, Chairman by explaining and sharing the objectives of the program with the participants. The session was continued by Mr. Varun Keshari by sharing stories on team work. He created simulation with the stories and motivated ground staff to share their views on the characters in the story so that they can imbibe from the session in a soothing manner.

Post this session each staff member was asked to share his views individually and grievances related to operational efficiency. At the same time management inked the points shared by each staff. Dr. CA Prashant Jain and Dr. Mona Tawar also shared their views and at the same time gave feedback and suggestions on the issues raised by the staff members.

Dr. CA P K Jain discussed each issue in detail with the staff members and also provided solution to the issues raised. He also emphasized on the approach of work, with examples of ownership and sense of belongingness. “Every work is a portrait of who did it, autograph your work with excellence” with this thought he explained the importance of work and perfection in every aspect of work.

 Dr. CA Prashant Jain gave vote of thanks and summarized the key points discussed in the session.