Seminar on Filling of Income Tax Return

 By Dr. Prashant Jain

A session was conducted on 6th May, 2015 by Dr. CA Prashant Jain with the objective to brief about the Income Tax Return Filing for individuals especially for salaried class.

Dr. CA Prashant Jain discussed the following points:

How to create Login Id and Password for the Income Tax return filing on

ITR-1 (SAHAJ) was the main focus of the session

How to download excel file for return filing and mandatory fields to be filled and which fields are not be filled explained very well in detailed by him.

Deduction can be availed in different heads and upper limit for applicable section also discussed by him.

Importance of interest certificate and from where we should collect also explained.

How to check TDS deducted by other parties, meaning of advance income tax income details where to be filled in excel file is explained very well.

After filling all the necessary details there may be some errors shown by the excel file, so how correct those errors and its meaning.

Completed e-returns, (Excel File) how to upload on the income tax website and where we should sent the acknowledgement and copy of returns are also explained by him.

Lastly Dr. CA Prashant Jain concluded the session meeting by giving detailed information about revised return filing, access of old records of filing returns.