Seminar on Business File by Dr. Pramod Kumar Jain

On 8 April, 2015, Dr. CA Pramod Kumar Jain took a session on Business File.  In his session Dr. Jain made students’ understand various transactions/documents which are required in day-to-day business/dealings. He explained the following things:

1. Bank Transactions:


Withdrawal Slip

Cheque/Crossing of Cheques

Details of Printed information on Cheques

Draft: Paying-in-slip

Letter of Credit – Sample Bank Guarantee – Format

2. Income-Tax:

Returns to be filed under I/T Act

Form Nos.

Sample copy of one Form

Date of Advance Taxes

TDS Returns

Rates of TDS for any 5 Categories

3. Excise:

Names of Registers required to be maintained by Manufacturing     


Monthly & Annual Returns

CEN-VAT credit

4. VAT: (Value Added Tax)

Monthly & Annual Returns

Rates for 5 Commodities

5. Service Tax:

Total No. of Services covered

Brief Description of min. 5 services covered

Rates of Service Tax

Monthly & Annual Returns

6. Declaration Forms

under State & Central Sales Tax Law

C Form, D Form

7. Investment Instruments:

Share, Debenture, Fixed Deposit, NSC, Mutual Fund, Bonds

8. Measurement Units & their conversion.


Seminar on VAT by CA Girdhar

On 15th April, 2015, a session was taken by CA Girdhar for MBA II Semester students to understand them about Value Added Tax. 

CA Girdhar in his session covered the following points:

Background & Justification of VAT 

Benefits of VAT 

Need & Introduction of VAT 

Merits & Demerits of VAT 

Input Tax Credit 

Variants of VAT