Social & Entrepreneurship Cell

Seminar on Women’s Sefty by Police Department, Indore

13th January, 2015

On January 13, 2015, an Awareness Program was conducted by the Police Department, Lasudia. Ms. Dhanvanti Pawar delivered a lecture on girls’ safety and security. The students’ were encouraged to be responsible for their own security and safety and for the security and safety of others on campus.

She instated on prompt reporting by students of all crimes or incidents. The need for safety awareness is emphasized through orientation meetings, discussion groups in the residence facilities, education sessions on sexual violence prevention. The basic idea was to underline the idea that all students’ must think safety and share in the responsibility for their own well-being.

She focused on students’ responsibility and said that the cooperation, involvement, and personal support of students is crucial to the success of a campus safety.

Students must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of their personal belongings by taking simple, common sense precautions. Students' awareness of their environment and their surroundings is the best place to start. She said that in hostels, lock your room door even if you are just leaving for a short period of time and carry your keys at all times. Never give them to anyone. Call the Police to report anyone who looks suspicious, use taxi services licensed by the City or Town, travel together to and from off-campus events and so on. 

Social Cell Meeting

13th January, 2015

The objective of the Social Cell is to contribute to the fundamental development of people through awareness and teaching. Itsintentionsis transformation of society, as well as taking a viewpoint in the struggles of the deprived and the downgraded.The faculty members and students will be allotted a village each in the neighborhood, thereafter the students will visit the villages and interact with the people and students of rural schools at regular intervals.

The chief events will be reaching the unreached neighbourhood; Eco awareness, Literacy/applied education, Health and Nutrition, and survey of the village using SWOT, enabling the people to resolve issues and sort out priorities. One of the objective was also to line up few activities of NSS and to serve the community. 

The meeeting was marked by the presence of Mr. Rajendra Ranade, Head Social Cell and all the faculty members and volunteers. 

Seminar on Women’s Sefty by Police Department, Indore @ DAVV Auditorium

27th January, 2015

Nagar Suraksha Samiti is a unique Endeavour of Indore Police to implement the concept of Community Policing in real sense. Nagar Suraksha Samities comprising eminent personalities of the city were formed at Police Station Level as well as at CSP Level.

These groups of the eminent personalities used to assist the Police at the time of festivals, communal tensions, law and order problems, traffic jams etc.

Objectives of Nagar  Suraksha  Samiti 

To maintain social and communal harmony between different communities of the society

Helping police in law and order during big events and rallies

Helping police in Natural and Artificial calamities

Helping police in controlling women and child abuse.

Help police in pollution control through better traffic management

Educate public regarding the ill effects of liquor and drug addiction

Educate weaker sections of society about adult education and slum development

Environmental protection and development

Remove social evils from the society and help police to control crime


Social Cell Meeting

16th January, 2015

As Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore has appointed Mr. Rajendra Ranade, the Head of Social& Entrepreneurship Cell, a meeting was organized to create awareness among students and help the underprivileged section of the society through education, lectures, financial help and involving them in activities of the Institute. Mr. Ranade ensures charitable and social activities for the needful people. In this regard, a meeting was conducted that focused on the planning on what all activities and events can be fulfilled in the coming session. 

He made the students aware about various organizations for the especially abled children and organizations for the old age people. Also what all activities can be planned with various NGOs.

Seminar on Awareness on Donation by Muskan Group

4th February, 2015

The Name Muskan Group does not only indicate a cluster of people, it’s the name that signifies dedication and commitment- A commitment to bring smiles on the faces of our less fortunate and unprivileged folks and dedication to constantly work for the same. The group was formed around 20 years ago, with the noble and generous intentions of two youngsters Mr. Hemant Chhabra and Mr. Naresh Shamani.

It was an incident that inspired the two youngsters to forward a helping hand which gradually transformed into a group of people. The helplessness of one poor father and his financial inability to get his daughter married, stimulated the urge to build the bridge. With the one call to a close group of friends brought along abundant of household articles and items.

Even after fulfilling the requirements of the poor man, the youngsters were left with ample of articles. Then again the search of a person in need started. The cycle continued and Muskan Group was formed to acknowledge the fact that there are people in our society who care and are concerned about others smiles.

Muskan Group at present successfully organizes Charity events, Mass Marriages, Matrimonial exchanges, spreads awareness about organ/skin and blood donation and helps the less fortunate students in their education and girls in their marriage.

From many years, Muskan Group is successfully organizing annual Sindhi Mass Marriage ceremony for the underprivileged couples.

The group makes the possible arrangements for the marriage of couples who are not financially sound or orphans.

We at Muskan Group strive to increase the awareness about donations like body, skin and eyes. Consequently, Indore has witnessed 40 body donations, 100 skin donations and 1970 eye donations. We are extremely glad and proud that are efforts have brought light in number of lives.(Reference&Souirce:

Awareness Activities at Village Kampel

5th February, 2015

Thursday, February 5th 2015. Students of Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore visited Kampel village and performed various awareness activities under Social and Entrepreneurship Cell. The purpose was to make the residents aware about the schemes and benefits provided by the government at Kampel and to motivate people to take benefit of the same for their development.

Students visited government school and discussed teaching methods and pedagogy used for primary students.

Students and teachers firstly went to school (private as well as government) and seen the teaching methods and the facilities given to the students, also interact with principal and children then took the information about the medical facilities in the village by the doctors of government hospital as well as facilities of AANGANWADI at Campel,  sarpanch had provided the information regarding the problems and facilities of the village, bank provided the information regarding Jan Dhan Yojna and Mukhyamantri Swarojgar Yojna for the entrepreneurship development.