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Seminar on Group Discussion by Mr. Manthan Joshi

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Seminar on Group Discussion by Mr. Manthan Joshi

2nd February, 2015

With the aim of training students to discuss and argue about the topic given, to make them express their views on serious subjects and in formal situations, and in order to improve their thinking, listening and speaking skills, and also promote confidence level, GD sessions were conducted in Institute’s premises. 

The results of the same proved to be an effective tool in problem solving, decision making and personality assessment. The same also assured academic success, reputation and good admission or job offer. Thus it was vital to be able to take part in a GD efficiently and assertively. Students learned to speak with confidence, exhibit leadership skills and make the group achieve the goals.

The trainer Mr. Joshi evaluated and observed the members of the team. The rules of the GD – the time limit, panel’s expectations etc. were explained after the initial introduction, soon after the topic or case to be discussed is given to the group members. The trainer did not restrict during the discussion. Each candidate was supposed to express his/her opinion either supporting or against the topic. The discussion carried on till the signals termination. 

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