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Lecture on Decision Making Skills by Dr. P. K. Jain

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Lecture on Decision Making Skills by Dr. P. K. Jain

5th February, 2015

Dr. Jain said that decision making can be hard. Almost any choice involves some conflicts or disappointment. The tough part is to pick one resolution where the constructive outcome can overshadow possible losses. Evading decisions often seems cooler. Yet, making your own decisions and accommodating the consequences are the only way to stay in control of your phase, achievement, and life. A significant part of decision making skills is in knowing and practicing decent decision making techniques. One of the most practical decision making techniques can be summarized in those simple decision making steps:

  1. Identify the purpose of your decision
  2. Gather information. 
  3. Identify the principles to judge the alternatives.  Brainstorm and list different possible choices. 
  4. Evaluate each choice in terms of its consequences. .
  5. Determine the best alternative.  Put the decision into action.  Evaluate the outcome of your decision and action steps. 

The decision-making process includes: 

  • Define and clarify the issue - Is the matter critical, important or both. 
  • Gather all the facts and understand their causes.
  • Think about or brainstorm possible options and solutions. 
  • Consider and compare the 'pros and cons' of each option - refer others if essential or worthwhile - and for better multifaceted decisions where there are several options, create a template which enables measurements according to different strategic factors.
  • Select the finest possibility - avoid ambiguity and pathetic negotiations in trying to please everyone.
  • Explain your decision to those involved and affected, and monitor to certify proper and active application.

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