Message from Dr. Mona Tawar

Darpan – a Quarterly Newsletter has played a critical role in conveying an overview of various activities.

Excelling in advancement and transfer of knowledge is only possible through maintaining a strong learning, research and developmental culture. An Academic Institution can achieve a competitive status if and only if it has a significant presence in the Academic and Industrial Community. The aim of this Newsletter will be to keep its readers widely interested in our events and to promote interaction and collaboration among students from different fields. We are seeking to move away from formal and structured learning instead.

One of these essentials is publishing our attention gatheringnewsletter that keeps Members and Society updated on the latest news and on trends in our profession.

Starting with this issue, the newsletter is getting a new ‘look’ as well as a new ‘inside’. One change you will notice is that each issue will feature different sets of activities.

 I expect that these activities will give an in depth description of some of the exciting projects that are currently underway and will provide an insight into the potential impact of the activities described.


I hope you will enjoy reading this issue and we welcome your feedback on any aspect of the newsletter.