Student Development Program

Seminar on Tally by Dr. Prashant Jain

On 13 October, 2014, a Seminar was conducted on Tally by Dr. CA Prashant Jain. Thus seminar showed great ways to learn Tally techniques and find new solutions on common issues in the business world. It resulted in having knowledge about job as Accountant, Financial Analyst in Corporate Finance departments. Dr Prashant taught to handle various kinds of vouchers and ledgers and many more which include receipt and payment and make modifications entries such as Debit notes, journals, Credit notes, purchases and sales, Delivery notes as well as receipt notes. The students learnt dual entry method of accounting and how to get rid of possible mistakes. 

Seminar on Entrepreneurship Skills by Dr. P. K. Jain

On 13 October, 2014, Dr. CA P. K. Jain took a Seminar on Entrepreneurship. The main aim of the seminar was to commence, strengthen and stimulate entrepreneurial learning of students, to explore understanding of entrepreneurship and to identify factors and resources which are useful in undertaking initiative and entrepreneurial activities.

The session included the following sequence of Entrepreneurship: 

Put your business idea to the test.

Build a plan that will attract investment.

Explore real-world possibilities.

Reduce costly trial and error and increase your chances of success.

Get answers to your tough questions from our experienced facilitators and instructors.

Seminar on Business File by CA NileshPartani

On 14 Oct, 2014; CA NileshPartani took a seminar on Business File and explained the core concepts in detail. The basic purpose of this seminar was to make students understand the various transactions/documents which are required in day-to-day business/dealings.

Bank Transactions:


Withdrawal Slip

Cheque/Crossing of Cheques

Details of Printed information on Cheques

Draft: Paying-in-slip

Letter of Credit – SamplelBank Guarantee – Format


Returns to be filed under I/T Act

Form Nos.

Sample copy of one Form

Date of Advance Taxes

TDS Returns

Rates of TDS for any 5 Categories


Names of Registers required to be maintained by Manufacturing     


Monthly & Annual Returns

CEN-VAT credit

VAT: (Value Added Tax)

Monthly & Annual Returns

Rates for 5 Commodities

Service Tax:

Total No. of Services covered

Brief Description of min. 5 services covered

Rates of Service Tax

Monthly & Annual Returns

Declaration Forms:

Under State & Central Sales Tax Law

C Form, D Form

Investment Instruments:

Share, Debenture, Fixed Deposit, NSC, Mutual Fund, Bonds

Investor Awareness Seminar

Friday, October 31, 2014. Indian Institute of Social Development conducted a seminar in Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore on the topic of Investor Awareness Program organized under the aegis of Investor Education and Protection Fund Ministry of Corporate Affairs Govt. of India and SEBI. Dr. M K Jain, Chief manager NABARD , Mr. Rajesh Kulwal, President Insurance and Investment Advisor’s Association conducted the seminar. Dr. M K Jain discussed the rules and regulations of AMFI and explained the importance of Mutual fund, advantages and structure in detail to the audience comprising of MBA and B Com Students.

In his lecture he highlighted the essentials of risk and returns graphs, portfolio management and also guided to buy mutual funds online. He also gave a sniff of insurance and its role in financial management and TAX planning. The seminar moved to discussion of financial goals and investment into equity and debt funds. Awareness of students about safe investment and the concept of calculated risk in investment were also discussed with students. 

Conclusion: Seminar was extended 2 hours in the main seminar hall of PIPS & lasted with the refreshment of all guests & students.