Faculty Development Programme by EDI Ahmedabad on Entrepreneurship Development

From 8th December 2014, 10 days Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development was held by EDI Ahmedabad at IPS Academy, Indore. Two Faculty members were nominated from Pioneer Institute to attain the same. Mr.VarunKeshari and Ms.KumkumSinha attended the 10 days event where in they learnt all about entrepreneurship, how to develop entrepreneurship skills in students? , the need to motivate today’s youth etc.

The entire event was divided into 10 sessions. And all the sessions were taken by experts of various domains who came down across the country to deliver their potentials. The sessions were a source of great learning along with energy boosting. The sessions were a blend of practical and theoretical knowledge.

There were various activities held, both the faculty members participated with full zeal. They even learnt entrepreneur games which they felt could help students even to develop entrepreneurial qualities.