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Message from the Desk of The Chairman

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Message from the Desk of The Chairman

We at Pioneer firmly believe that in the present day, producing qualified managers is just not enough. The students must be endowed with additional skills to meet the ever changing needs of the industry. Our aim is to actively assist industry in attracting and identifying the individuals best suited to their needs and in developing a win-win relationship between organizations, students and the institute. In the coming years, all our energies will be focused on making it a top-notch Management Institute. India is now in the middle of a sea of changes. Our economy is witnessing tremendous movements; influences from FDI's and our Domestic Sector have gained unprecedented momentum. Today, the rich looks forward to wearing Khaki as a fashion statement and the Middle class wares more western more outfits to blend in. Whatever the outlook, achieving satisfaction has become essential. No longer just meeting basic will suffice.

Similarly, in education sector also, the time has come to realize that meeting just basic needs is no longer an option. In a world that demands changes and that too, rapid changes, we must add-on value at every stage. From preschool learning to post graduation and beyond, the need for up gradation of syllabus and course material is immense. Education Sector in India has taken a very unique shape. It is a mix of Orthodox and Unorthodox methodologies of teaching and learning. Whereas on one end we see infrastructure intensive regular colleges catering to the mass of young student community, on the other front we see correspondence education bringing Flexibility in teaching and learning for the mature and service class-“Further Education Student”.

Pioneer Institute has recognized this need for adding more value to education. The various accreditations and certificates received by institute, go on to prove the consistency and commitment towards proving quality latest education at an affordable price, with a flexible learning approach.

Dr. CAP. K. Jain

Message from the Desk of The Chairman