Message from the Desk of The Executive Director

An educational institution has a profound role to play in the building of a nation, a society and an individual and it is a job of high responsibility when the recipients of that education are slated to perform roles of high responsibility, as in case of a business school like PIPS Indore.

Pioneer is a young business school that has made a positive impact on people, companies and society in a short period of time. The institute enjoys autonomy, both strategic and financial that few peer schools in India can boast of. We place education of people first and that is reflected in our strategy, faculty development, design of programmes and research initiatives. Our programmes are regulation compliant and internationally accredited.

At Pioneer we recognize that latent talent can be sculpted only by the perfect blend of global business awareness and discovery. We have constant interactions with various business leaders and global managers from the corporate world as also the academic gurus who often double up as guest faculty. The nurturing environment and competitive spirit make it an 'institute of choice' for renowned faculty. 

Faculty members engage with senior executives on real business problems thereby contributing to the industry on one hand and enriching the classroom discussion on the other. With all the basics in place and a leadership position on a national front, we are now gearing up for some signal achievements. As a school we will continue to foster thought leadership and lead change. We will be modifying our activities in ways that foreground the importance of global citizenship and sustainable business models.

These will be professed in the education we impart and the activities we undertake. We will further integrate with the globe through enhanced diversity in our programs and encourage networks that foster multilateral exchanges that open vistas for creativity and innovation.

All these are some steps that we are taking towards attaining increased international recognition and credibility, and earning the preference of top global recruiters. We strongly value our partnerships with business, employers and the wider community as we work together to enhance the country's social and economic health.

Welcome Aboard

Dr. CA Prashant Jain