Student Development Program

Workshop on E-Filing of Income Tax Return by Dr. CAPrashant Jain On

April 7, 2014; Monday, Dr. CAPrashant Jain conducted a workshop on E-Filing of Income Tax Returns. There were 21 students from MBA II Semester who attended the workshop. Dr Jain started with explaining the importance of filing the Income Tax Returns and explained the limitation of giving the responsibility of filing our returns to someone else.

He made the students understand that how easy and user friendly is the entire procedure to fill the E-Return. That is how the name of the form suggests 'SARAL'.

He showed the official site to fill up the returns, i.e., and explained that all the necessary information is easily available on the home page.

Following is the process to fill the E-Return as explained by Dr. Jain: 

1. Open the webpage

2. Register yourself by filling up the necessary personal details such as PAN No, name etc and then Log In.

3. Down Load the Excel Utility form from left hand side of the Home Page.

4. Enable macros from settings toolbar of the internet browser.

5. Fill up the necessary details in the form like name, address, e mail ID , Phone

6. You can use a link 'know your Jurisdiction A/O' link to know the Area.

7. Select the appropriate head under 'Return File Under'

8. Fill up all the details of the salary and the deductions you have claimed. The Total will be calculated automatically.

9. Click on 'validate' after filling up all the necessary details, and correct the mistakes if any.

10. Click on calculate tax and the tax will be calculated automatically

11. Click on TDS sheet, and fill the necessary details (Refer to form 26AS on the home page for details regarding the TDS amount and TIN Number.

12. Click on XML sheet to shrink up the size of the Excel sheet and upload on 'Upload Return'

13. Take a print of the sheet, sign and send it to the concerned address given on the website.

The information that he provided was very useful and will help the students to fill up their own return when they will work, or they can fill up the return of their parents. There were lot of new things and terms that the students learned, like deduction u/s 80C and 80 CCC etc. Income from House property, which is called an individual etc. Overall the workshop was very informative and educated on a necessary procedure that everyone should know.