Social & Entrepreneurship Cell-Inspiring humanity to protect our planet Save Birds

On 09/04/2014 at 11:00 A.M., the students of Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies Indore initiated to save the birds. Management is not only about serving the corporate rather the institute initiates to build values and basic humanities within every pionnerian. With this thought process a group of 6 students stood up for the cause “Inspiring humanity to protect our planet Save Birds”. In this program there thought process was to ask students to donate a minimal amount towards this cause. From this money they brought vessels to place them at every corner of the institute (within the reach of birds).

The first vessel was placed by Dr Mona Tawar at the top of the institute roof. A group of 10 students pledged that continuously they will be monitoring the vessels and maintaining them. A beautiful idea was presented by Dr CA Pramod Kumar Jain, he suggested the students to prepare bird house .Students promised that the next step they will take will be to build bird house around the premises.