Inter Institute Collaboration National HR Summit at Jaipuria Institute

On 12thApril, 2014 at 10:30 A.M., we went to Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore to attain the National HR Summit. The topic of the summit was “Unleashing human potential in challenging times Issues, challenges and innovative strategies”. This HR summit was jointly organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management - Indore, National HRD Ne twork and Indor e Management Association.


Various gun shots across India were invited to deliver and share their supreme knowledge with students, academicians and other industrial representatives. The entire summit was divided into three sessions and every session had 2 speakers and a chair person. The first session was on “Nurturing Talent: The new success mantra” In this session Mr Arun David (VPHR, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited) spoke on the necessity of having a strong HR team in an organization. He also laid several examples from his company stating the importance of having a good, motivated HR potential. Then it was turn of Mr Prem Singh (VP HR, Piramal Health Care Limited) to justify the topic. He quoted various examples from his organization which simply made one realize the potential of HR in making a company successful. He even stated the necessity of keeping the HR team happy. The second session was on “Unleashing Human Potential” followed by the third session on “Innovative Strategies” .In every session the speakers spoke so well that it made one realize that HR is not summed up in books rather the HR practice makes it more innovative and challenging. The journey of HR (Human Resource) to HP (Human Potential) was made crystal clear by the speakers. They even made a clear statement on why companies/Industries need to focus more on their human potentials rather than materialistic things.


Finally the summit was summed up by the words of Mr Jagdish Verma (Mentor Director IMA). He shared his thoughts on the same topic and then said that it is not an end of a summit rather it is a mere beginning. With the help of such HR summits the upcoming managers will benefit industrial experience and at the same time will get ready to face the various challenges related to this never ending issue of Unleashing Human Potential in challenging Times.