The Summer Camp 2014

The campers at Pioneer Convent were very excited, their faces shining and glittering when from every nook and corner they reached here to get involved in various activities with great acceptance designing of the camp was done in a way to cater the needs of all 650 students according to their choice and priority. It worked as a supplement to education in the month of May for all thirty days i.e., May, 01 2014. The free summer camp at Pioneer Convent was yielded in the mind of eminent visionaries Shri P.C. Jain, Dr. P.K. Jain and Dr. Prashant Jain. Intensive instruction was provided by experienced coaches in almost every sport. There were around fourteen activates, both outdoor and indoor and prepared students to face the competitions in a wide range of sports. The students were split into group and each group was accompanied by school faculty so that their abilities be judged and groomed. Each day was divided in two sessions and in break time “Energy Drink” was served to all students and staff members. The main focus was on the development of the whole child, not just how they are as an athlete, but also how they are as a person. Students took much diverse experience in other non-sports programmes like Dance, Music, Art and Craft, Spoken English etc. Each instructor helped the campers to acquire skill in the individual sport and help them gain confidence. With valuable time from 8 AM to 12'o clock the coaches provided the best they could. The camp was conducted in a very successful manner as aspiring athletes were groomed. Vibrant Camp culture was encouraged in students and they leant to line like a family in thirty days. Cricket, Badminton, Football, Basket ball, Volleyball, Karate, Skating etc. developing gracious committee team players which they proved later in the watches conducted in the camp. The Institute organized a Summer Camp with joint efforts with Pioneer Convent. The camp

started from 1st May 2014 and continued till 31st May 2014. Various activities were conducted for the campers with a vision of molding the young minds and trying to inculcate a better human being in them. In the Institute the students we given basic lessons which were a means of entertainment and at the same time a mode of quick learning. The trainers for the Summer Camp were Mr. Praveen Tiwari and Miss. Kumkum Sinha. The day camp at Pioneer Convent facilitated children in a very friendly manner with the help of sports association of Madhya Pradesh  certifications were given to all participations on the last day at Basket Ball complex. Factor of Values, Religion, Moral and Ethics were also affiliated with summer camp. A sign vinating session was organized daily for 40 minutes. A power point presentation by Ms. Kumkum and Mr. P.K. Tiwari proved to be very energetic for the young and teenage campers. Later a talk daily on values and morals by Mrs. Ratna Juneja was a boost up capsule for all students. Sweets were distributed to participating in Questions/Answer round. Unbelievable response came from students.


The Summmer time was utilized in a fruitful manner and the rich energy was properly channelized. Pionner Convent has become a trend setter in organizing free summer camp with great quality of facilities and opportunities to outshine. It is actually a excellence in education. The closeness and togetherness of Parents, teachers, coaches and students was good enough to nurture each and every student. The big play ground of  Pioneer Convent acted as 'Nerve Centre' of all activities where transformation of students was taking place.


The summer camp had the motto of 'sports for everyone' where right from 04 years girls who were learning 'Karate' and till college students who were to be seen in all the sports. Very safe environment was provided to the students where children and parents, both showed the faith. Each and every child came with determination every morning and tried to experience and explores his abilities to the utmost.


Topics taken in Summer Camp:


1) Importance of Exercise

On the first day of Summer Camp i.e. 1/05/2014 a lecture on Importance of Exercise was taken by Mr. Praveen Tiwari and Miss Kumkum Sinha. They briefed the students on the importance of regular exercise. Why one needs to stay fit. When a student should exercise, the advantages and disadvantages out of it.


2) Effects of Pollution

On 2/05/2014, the students of summer camp were given deep knowledge on the effects of Pollution. The Lecture was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha. All the students were educated about the various types of Pollution like Air, Water, Land, Noise etc. The students were even educated on how they can make a difference to the society in reducing pollution.


3) Impact of Technology

On 3/05/2014, the lecture was taken by Mr Praveen Tiwari and Miss Kumkum Sinha on the Impact of technology on human beings. Here students were informed about the advantages and disadvantages of technology. How the youth is being mis led by the over use of technology. The effect of technology on students, their health, education etc.


4) The Most Iconic Sports Figures

On 5/05/2014, the lecture was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha on the topic the most Iconic Sports Figures. The motive of the lecture was to boost the budding talents so that India can prove to be a landmark in sports activities too. The Iconic Sports Figures like: Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh, Vishwanathan Aanand, P T Usha , Saniya Nehwal etc were the motivators. Their biographies were even shared with students to inspire them.


5) How to Iron Clothes

On 6/05/2014, the lecture was taken by Praveen Tiwari on the Topic: How to Iron Clothes. Students of various age groups where sitting together and this was a class on basics. Most of the students are dependent on their mothers to Iron their clothes, but in this summer camp with the aim of development students were given the basic tips how they can iron their uniforms and keep them ready a night before.


6) Be a more confident Public Speaker

On 7/ 05/2014, a lecture was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha on “Be a more Confident Speaker”. Here she motivated the students by telling them the need of becoming a good speaker, how one can be a good speaker, what all qualities a speaker must carry. Few tips given by her were as: Prepare your topic in and out, Revise your topic before final presentation, Concentrate on your gesture and posture etc.


7) Reduce, reuse, and recycle

On 8/05/2014, a lecture was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha on “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. Here she made the students realize the importance of the 3 R's. Reduce- How one can reduce the wastage of natural resources. Reuse- How one can use a particular resource a couple of times. Recycle- How one can create a great change by recycling recourses.


8) Nutrition Health and Hygiene

On 9/05/2014, a lecture on Nutrition Health and Hygiene was taken by Mr Praveen Tiwari, where he briefed students on the necessity of healthy eating. Various sources of Nutrition were discussed by him who helped the students plan their diet. He even told the students about what a complete diet comprises of.


9) Traffic Rules, Signals and Symbols

On 10/05/2014, a lecture on Traffic Rules, Signals and Symbols was taken by Miss.Kumkum Sinha. With the help of a video she explained the magical three lights which do not speak but still people listen to them. She also helped the students recognize the various signals and symbols. Then a quiz was there in which the students promptly said what the signs and symbols meant.


10) Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables

On 12/05/2014, a session was taken on Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables by Miss Kumkum Sinha where she guided the students on the necessity of eating fruits and vegetables. Every vegetable plays a pai vital role in the daily food habit. This is why we are required to include all the fruits and vegetables in our diet plan.


11) How to be a helping hand to mother or father

On 13/05/2014, how to be a helping hand to mother or father as the topic for discussion, the session was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha where she motivated the students to inculcate a habit of helping their mother and father. A common question was asked to the students: Who help their Mother and Father? All students raised their hands. Then the same question was asked differently: Who all help their parents without any expectations or returns? Most of the hands were down; this is where we guided the students why one should help mother and father without any personal motives. The same was explained with the help of a story.


12) My Hobby

On 14/05/2014, a lecture was conducted on My Hobby by Miss Kumkum Sinha. In this speedy life everyone is so jam pack that they have no time to spend on their hobby.  And hobby is the best way of developing personality of kids. Here she also taught the kids why one needs to have a hobby. What are the different hobbies which can prove to be fruitful in the coming future?


13) Learn to Admire

On 15/05/2014, a lecture on Learn to Admire was taken by Mr. P K Tiwari. Here he taught the students why one should learn the art of admiring. He suggested students not to criticize on small things rather one should have the attitude of being thankful. He also played a game with students in which he called 5 candidates and asked them to admire their classmates. The students beautifully without hesitation admired the beauty, boldness, confidence of their friends around.


14) Your Icon

On 16/05/2014, Your Icon was the topic of discussion. The session was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha here she asked the students about who their icon is and then asked them the qualities that attracted their attention. She guided the students who they can even b a icon for the upcoming youths.


15) Importance of festivals

On 17/05/2014, a session was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha on Importance of festivals in one's life. As everyone is fighting with time and struggling to celebrate occasions but due to lack of time, money and proper knowledge one is not able to celebrate festivals. India is a land was various religious people stay together and they use to celebrate but now a day's things have changed. Today the youth is not aware of the Indian festivals. The session was special designed to make on aware of the various Indian Festivals.


16) Be Honest

On 19/05/2014, Be Honest is the topic taken by Mr. Praveen Tiwari, he guided the future of tomorrow's on the need of being honest. He should a small clipping. The students enjoyed the clipping shown which had a message in it. He also told the students that if you have a long term vision you should not take the help of false commitments, whatever the situation may be you must always speak the truth.


17) How to manage you Time Better

On 20/05/2014, How to manage you Time Better was the topic for the session. The speaker for the session was Miss Kumkum Sinha. She asked the students to prepare a schedule that they follow presently. After the students prepared the schedule she helped the analyses the time they wasted. Then she guided the little ones on how they can better use their time and efforts and touch heights of success.


18) Deserve to Desire

On 21/05/2014, Deserve to Desire was the topic which was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha. Here she briefed the students on why one needs to have a desire in life and to have that desire one must first deserve. Many a times one children demand for things which they do not require but still they do not understand that unnecessarily they are causing pain to their parents. And this was a topic which justified what a student  should ask for and what with time he will get the only need is that he needs to wait


19) Good Manners

On 22/05/2014, Good Manners was the topic which was delivered by Miss Kumkum Sinha. With the help of a video she delivered that what all constitutes good manners. Along with this she even taught the three magical words Sorry, Thank You and Please.


20) SummerTalent Hunt

On 23/05/2014, Summer Talent Hunt was the topic for discussion. Here the session was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha where she motivated the students to unfurl their hidden talents. It was a great surprise to find that little champs with great energy and spirit performed their expertise in front of large no. of audience without any sort of stage fear.


21) Recreational Activity

On 24/05/2014, the session was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha on Recreational Activity. She guided the students that everyone should keep some space in their life for some recreational activities. She guided the students on how they can effectively invest their time on recreational activities. This will help them re-energize as well as improve their personality even.


22) Fitness and Me

On 26/05/2014, Fitness and I was the session taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha where she guided the students with the help of a video the necessity of staying fit. Here with the help of a game she help students analyze how fit they are. She even guided the budding gems that every month they must measure their height and weight to ensure their growth.


23) Follow a Time Table

On 27/05/2014, Follow a Time Table was the topic covered by Mr. Praveen Kumar Tiwari. Here he asked the students to narrate there time table first and slowly after hearing to their daily routine he guided them what a good time table must contain. He gave the students an exercise that after a day's time one should prepare self time table and show the same to him so that if any correction is required he will help the students to plan better the same.


24) Discipline

On 28/05/2014, the topic for summer camp was “Discipline”, he lecture was taken by Miss Kumkum Sinha where she briefed the students why it is important to be well disciplined in life. Discipline is the first mantra towards Success. Without discipline life is a waste.


25) Recreational Activity

On 29/05/2014, Recreational Activity was conducted by Miss Kumkum Sinha to bring in front the upcoming talents of the nation. All the students participated in the activity with great enthusiasm. Finally the students won exciting prizes; all the little champs should their talents in the field of quiz, dance, song etc.