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Message from the Desk of The Chairman

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Message from the Desk of The Chairman

Out of the two major choices in life i.e. to accept conditions as they exist or to take up the responsibility to change them; we have decided to choose the latter and as a result Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies came into being...............

The Institute initiated its journey in 1996, predetermined its targets, and offered a matchless pedagogical methodology with finest synthesis of academic and co- academics and equivalent growth of ancient understanding and modern research. It encompasses a broad-based position withstrong infancies of Indian culture.

I would like to take this opportunity to communicate my thankfulness to all the stakeholders who have supported the Institute in all its endeavors since beginning. In particular, I wish to thank the distinguished members of the concerned people who have made enormous contributions, towards the support of the institute till date.

I also wish to thank parents, the able team of faculty members, support staff and students for the valuable contribution by each one of them. 


Dr. CA P. K. Jain