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Message from the Desk of The Executive Director

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Message from the Desk of The Executive Director

The Institute was born Eighteen years ago out of the deep rooted alarm over the common low access to value education by local students and nearby.

These concerns led the patron to discuss on the establishment of the Institute. The purpose was to provide excellence and all round education to the students with the aim of providing and preparing them with dexterity and comprehension.

The aim is to provide quality education with a highly qualified team of faculty members and a motivated hold of the staff together, combined with first-rate physical and academic facilities.

This team works tirelessly and diligently to ensure the school achieves its mission and vision. The dream could not have been achieved without the hold of the parents and other stakeholders. We strongly believe in the fact that motivated students are key to achieving the desired brilliance. Thehigh degree of teamwork exhibited in the Institute guarantees excellent results. 

I genuinely welcome you to Pioneer Institute whose motto is Excellence through Positive attitude. The Institute has a mission of creating a position with motivated Faculty Members encouraging students to excel while also assisting bright students.


Dr. CA Prashant Jain