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Mock Personal Interviews for MBA III Semester

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The Institute conducted mock PI for the students of MBA III Semester. The key note speaker was Ms. Veena Dadwani and Ms. Ratna Juneja. They brief the students by saying that some students who are job seekers think once they are called for an interview they can just be themselves and they are "in" and the applicant who will get the job. When a student is called for an interview, it means he/she must have the skills, experience and something the company feels would be a possibility in this position. The students get no time to relax and think the job is yours.

A good resume helps in an interview, but a good interview helps getting the job. And that's why students need to practice and perfect their interviewing skills. One way to do just that is through a mock interview.

If the students never had a mock interview, they are missing out on a great prospect to actually recognize how to carry out and act over the phone or in front of hiring decision makers.

The Institute carried the Mock Interview Sessions and covered the following areas: 

Why are mock interviews important, how to get the most out of a mock interview, how do mock interviews work?

Learning a sales process for interview success, practicing on pitch, practice answering standard and career tailored interview questions, practice closing the interview and gain insights on what works and what doesn't in interviews.

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