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Workshop On BRTS - A Research Project

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Indore is a city with a population of about 1.8 million (as per the last census of 2001) and has an area of about 3898 sq.km. The current rapid growth of city and travel demands and the pattern of private of private vehicles and dependability on it. There is no organized public sector transport system. The project activity is the creation of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in the city of Indore, the capital of MP. The aim of the project is to provide an efficient, safe affordable and comfortable mass transit system to the populace in the city.

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies always shows interact in there types of project. The workshop on BRTS Project Indore was organized on 6th April’ 2013. The main objective of workshop was to understand the strategy, aspects and objectives behind BRTS Indore Project. Which is now also known as Ahilya path. 

1. The project was started in 2007 and supposed to be finished in two years.

2. It is steir under construction with all ground realities. It shows deviations/delays from the original project and overlook of necessary requirement of IT cables sewage lines, water lines.

3. The workshop was commenced by Prof. Veena Dadwani under the leadership of Dr. CA P.K. Jain, Chairman and Principal and guidance by Dr. Mona Tawar with great assistance by Prof. Bhagwati Charan Shukla, Research Fellow.

Mr. Pranshu Bachu (BE), Project Manager, BRTS Indore enlightened the audience about the BRTS Project. He focused on the problems faced and implementation and reasons of delay and deviations and gave probable solutions for the same.

Mr. Bachu threw a light on in spite of all odd viz: negative publicity of the media and negative comments from various corners like public and various level of administration.

BRTS is expected to go for trial in April’ 2013.

He highlighted very clearly in his speech that it be is not correct to judge project success or failure because project is immature right now.

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