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Message From Prof Isha Jain

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Message From Prof Isha Jain

The scientific and technological advances in the contemporary world have contributed much in the education sector. The challenges they throw open to the educators are so dynamic and so forceful that they need to be vigilant to upgrade their skills and ensure stress free learning to the learners thereby making themselves and the Learners 'life long learners'.

Besides in recent years there has been a surge of interest in how student think and learn and in the way that the brain works. It is not enough to see our studentren as empty vessels to be filled with facts, skills and knowledge. They are unlit fires just waiting for us to spark the touch paper and ignite an interest in thinking about how and why the world around them works.

Quality education is the only way to national development, survival and contributing to a better world order. The system of education gets changed and modified with the changing needs and aspirations of the society. The Indian system of education has a solid foundation. It incorporates relevant content and introduces innovations in methodology in keeping with the global needs and identifying the unique nature of each learner. Realizing the significance of creative and independent thinking ability, student centered and activity based process has been introduced.

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