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E- Leaders Workshop

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On September 8, 2012, Pioneer Institute conducted One Day Workshop in campus that helped students to develop critical entrepreneurial skills and tools, that will enabled them to effectively generate and communicate business ideas in a structured environment, evaluate opportunities using fixed parameters and framework and assess and calculate the investment requirement to reach cash-flow break-even. The event was conducted under the guidance of Ms. Merlina Ramchandran. This Workshop was conducted under the leadership of CA Vijay Thakkar. Approximately, 70 students of Pioneer Institute participated in the Workshop. 

On September 28, 2012, Pioneer Institute in association with NEN and sponsorship by LIONS Club conducted One Day 50 Rupees Business Venture activity in the premises of the Institute. This Program was organized under the leadership of CA Vijay Thakkar.  



Empowering Young India

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) conducted a successful leadership workshop on 14th and 15th September 2012, at Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research.  It all started with registrations of applicants who were present there and after that Ms. Merlina Ramchandran (consultant NEN) gave a brief introduction about Ms. Vishnu Priya. After that she conducted an activity in which she called all the students and told them that without uttering a single word, all the students have to arrange in chronological order regarding their date of birth, starting with the year first followed by month and then day of birth. It was difficult to arrange in that way without speaking but somehow all managed to do so. This was about, there would be times where situations are like this but somehow one have to manage in that situation. After that all got their new teams as now they were separated from their comfort zones and they were sitting with different college students, they were totally in new community. Then in community and tribes they came to know that NEN is working through e cell, with the help of strong network they have in the form of students. After that all had a tea break.


After tea break all the students again sat with their new team members and then one video was played which really boosted everybody’s confidence. In that video a person who was half naked was dancing in the park alone which was full of people, people present there start commenting, that man is insane he is mad and everybody start laughing and irrespective of people laughing he was into his dance and enjoying that moment. Then a person came running from the crowd and joined him and further he tried to copy the steps that person alone was doing and gradually one by one everybody present there started dancing and they all were enjoying. What all this was about? In this the person who was dancing alone did something unique and after that he got a follower and when that follower got other followers it became movement so this was all about leader, follower and movement. After this she guided the students about what e cell is about and she gave another activity in which in the notepad all needed to create one picture of themselves which should cover vision, mission and objective and further what they themselves are thinking that all need to be in a creative way in pictorial form. When all completed this activity one by one, they had to share this to their new team members. After this all went for lunch.


Then coming after lunch, Ms. Vishnu asked to create own network and gave 2 minutes time to gather maximum e mail ids each can and everybody started rushing to cover the maximum ids. Then all came to know how campus companies works and two students of IPS academy shared their experience and guided all what campus companies are all about. They shared that with the help of waste papers in there colleges they formed there company named R cube and now they are thinking of expanding their business. This really motivated everyone who was present there as this showed that it’s all about taking a step and rest should be left about for the hard work. Then Ms. Vishnu again spoke on this and she told all of them some more stories but the experience IPS students shared we were able to connect with it. All felt that those two students are among us. Then we went for tea break.


Only an hour was left and at 5 pm everybody had to board their buses and therefore this was the last session of the day. During this session she showed all videos which were about how NEN works, how e-cell works and in those videos what existing students of NEN had to say on this and what problems they had before joining and NEN and how they transformed themselves. After being a member of NEN they were confident, their personality was transformed and they all could also feel the difference.

15th September 2012

All the students were given a case to read on 14th and first students started their day with solving that case about level 5 leadership and then she narrated a short story.  she told that a leader should be able to manage the things properly he should be able to handle the situations and at times a person need to be visionary he need to be creative he should be systematic then at times he should be warrior to face the competition and he must be beloved for society. Then she gave a puzzle which we had to arrange but some pieces of that puzzle were missing and we started trading which involved a lot of learning with fun we able manipulating things then some students started stealing some started fighting and during that session many of the students became friends and in that particular time the real fun and a lot of learning began.

After lunch:-

The students watched two videos both were on same concept. The first one was about Guitar and second was about ladies sandal. In that first video there were 4 capitalist persons sitting together and two others persons came with Guitar which was something special features that persons displayed the Guitar to 4 capitalist persons about the features the features of Guitar was folding of roll. That was totally different and unique. The reason of that activity was that two persons seeking 50% stake of the company which will be go for the joint venture.  After looking at the product the 4 capitalist started to negotiate with the person who wanted 50% stake in the firm the capitalist wanted to give 49% stake in the company but those persons was seeking 50% stake this negotiation was taken place for few movement. Then Ms. Marlina told to go for discussion, whether the capitalist should give 50% stake in the company or 49% stake. Almost every student gave the conclusion of 49% stake in the company. Then she asked why those persons should had been given 49% stake in the company. Every student replied that if the capitalist give 50% stake to that person’s then all priority will be gone to that person who wanted 50% stake .Then she told that that person can earn money as royalty of that product. Then the deal was over with 49 and 51%.


Ms. Marlina called a student who won the prize in Tata first dot to tell his experience about Tata first dot. He had told that being a student anyone can be an entrepreneur. One can participate in various ways: the TATA First Dot Workshop will help a student to refine his/her business model, and the pitch; the TATA First Dot Competition puts one startup in front of some of the leading entrepreneurs and investors of today; the TATA First Dot People's Choice competition lets a person showcase himself/herself to the world; and the TATA First Dot Award Ceremony and Conference provides one with a platform to meet other student entrepreneurs, learn from angels and experts about how one can take their venture to the next level, and connect with the investors. Overall, a student and his/her venture will get a lot of attention, and most of all, one will have a great time being a part of the exciting entrepreneurial scene.

Emotional Intelligence Exercise: In this exercise the students had been told to fill up and response of few question that is below-

Spirit killers and soul suckers-listed below are the major spirit killers that keep leaders from being real. Put a check mark next to the items that may sometimes stunt your growth,

Celebrity Ego


Pressurized into submission by someone


Inner Inertia

Ignoring truth

What can you do to prevent these spirit killers from robbing your development?


Vision and Mission: Every group of the college had been given form to identify their vision and mission of their E-cell.


Feedback filling session: All students had been distributed a feedback form to fill up what is drawback and up  to what extent this workshop was good and up to what extent it can be good.


Certificate distribution ceremony: All participated had been called on stage individually to take certificate.

Photo drawing session: The Photo drawing session was conducted very successfully. 

CONCLUSION: This was a real experience for a lifetime. It was fun and learning and this all came live because of NEN therefore all thanked NEN for including the students on that platform where there is a lot of learning. All just hoped throughout their life they could be a part of NEN.


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