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Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Disha)

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Entrepreneurship Development Cell (Disha)

PROGRAM LOCATION: Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore. DATES: Friday September 28, 2012.


“Experience the Best in   Education at Pioneer Institute”


Pioneer ED cell provided participants with an experience where they could explore a world full of opportunity and new pathways to success. The cell conducted some activities:


Idea Generation 

Poster Competition (Theme 50 Rs. Entrepreneurship)

50 Rs. Business venture 


Participants explored thought-leading content and learned principles of entrepreneurial thought and action. Leveraging Babson’s leadership, this activity provided current insights and perspectives on entrepreneurship. Upon completion of this program, certified participants were:

Motivated to engage in entrepreneurship activities and businesses

Had  more comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial mindset

Understood the process and content sides of being an entrepreneur

Able to comprehend and develop the Business Planning Process

Able to demonstrate capability to study from real cases study and other interactive classroom workshops

Improve their management capabilities

Participate with innovative ideas in a business contest in order understand how to work as a team and develop their entrepreneurial mindset and marketing techniques.


Idea Generation

Entrepreneurship is an action-oriented discipline grounded in creative, innovative thinking and action. This session required students to keep an open mind, think outside the box, re-evaluate their own views of entrepreneurship, and intellectually challenge their peers. When process and passion collide, the seemingly unconnected become connected. New ventures are born, stagnating businesses grow, and flailing businesses are reinvented. There were 7 group each group had 5 member. The students got a newspaper & in 20 min they have turned newspapers & generated ideas.

Each group generates above 15 ideas in 20 min. then en is listening idea one by one each group idea divided in 4 parts:-




Government/Political issues

To conduct this activity CA. Vijay Thakkar & 4 student volunteers Gorakh Dwivedi, Pragya Tiwari, Balkrishna Shankhla, Sumit Mehrotra were in the lead.

Poster Competetion

A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text. In this competition MBA 1st semester students participated. The theme was 50 Rs. Business Venture; they made posters in cheapest cost with the help of wastage & used papers.


50 Rs. Business Venture

Under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, the Institute organized 1 day activity- Rs 50 business venture- on September 28, 2012. 

There were 21 groups, each group having 3 members participated in the activity. All groups had to invest 50 Rs. as seed capital that the groups had to use for their entrepreneurial ventures. There were three Zone 1st was business (Craft) 2nd was game zone 3rd was food zone, Most of the group performed well & made good profits over the initial investment of Rs 50.

Organized By: - CA Viajy Thakkar

Supported By: - NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network)

Sponsor: - Lions Club of Indore Unique 

Chief Guests: - 

Lion Chouhan (President of Indore Unique Lions Club, Indore)

Dr. Pawan Patni (Director, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore)

Dr. Mona Tawar (Director, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore)


RESULTS: ‘The level of enthusiasm & entrepreneurial spirit shown by students was commendable’