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14th National Conference

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14th National Conference In Association with CSI, Sponsored by AICTE

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies organized its 14th National Conference on Mobile Computing and Communications organized in association with CSI and sponsored by AICTE, New Delhi. Three distinguished delegates graced this occasion.

The Program started with Inaugural Ceremony presided over by eminent dignitaries  like honorable Dr. Rajkamal , V.C., DAVV Indore as the Chief Guest of the day, the  Guest of Honor for the Conference; Dr. Aditya Shastri, V.C. Banasthali University Rajasthan, Keynote Speaker of the Conference Dr. N.S. Choudhary, IIT Indore, Shri P.C. Jain, Patron Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, CA Dr. P.K. Jain, Principal, Pioneer Institute Of Professional studies, Dr Pawan Patni , Director (MBA), Pioneer Institute, Dr. V.K. Jain, Director (MCA), Pioneer Institute and CA Prashant Jain, Executive Director, Pioneer Institute.    

CA Prashant Jain, Executive Director, Pioneer Institute gave a welcome address to all the dignitaries’ and delegates and officially declared the conference open.

Dr. Rajkamal shared his past experience in Sweden. He stressed on needs of e-Library, Internet connectivity, Computers. He also added that DAVV is such a university that started a course in Mobile Computing, and we should be proud of our University.

Dr. V.K. Jain, Director and conference Chairman threw a light on the purpose and objective of organizing the Conference. A Book titled “Mobile Computing and Communications” constituting Conference Proceedings, comprising research papers on various aspects of mobile computing and information technology was released by the respected dignitaries.

Pioneer IT 

On this day, Pioneer Institute felt honored to confer upon Pioneer IT Excellence Award to Prof. Aditya Shastri, recipient of Padmabhushan; by Shri P.C. Jain Chairman Pioneer Group of Institution, for his contribution in the field of IT.

Dr. Aditya Shastri mesmerized the audience with his charisma, his sharpness and experience. He said “Purpose of life is life of Purpose.” 

As a token of remembrance and celebration the mementoes was presented to the dignitaries. At the end vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Pawan Patni Director, Pioneer Institute. As per the Indian tradition First Session was concluded with National Anthem.

Dr. N.S. Choudhary, the main Resource Person opened his presentation by defining Mobile Computing – “It is the ability to use technology to wirelessly connect and use centrally located information’s software through the application of small portable and wireless computing and communication devices.” 

He also threw the light on the various aspects of mobile computing and social implications of the mobile communications. He enriched the knowledge of all the participants by his presentations.

The Second Session was Panel Discussion of two hour from (11.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.). Panel comprised of Dr. Sanjay Tanwani, Prof. and head SCSIT, DAVV, Indore, Dr. V. Tokekar Prof., IET, DAVV, Indore, Dr. Priyesh Kanungo, Prof., SCSCIT,DAVV, Indore, Dr. P.K. Jain, Principal, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore, Dr. V.K. Jain, Direction Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies.

Dr. Sanjay Tanwani in his discussion highlighted the positive side of e-governance and its effects on society. He said today life is become comfortable and easy due to the various inventions in the field of IT and thus resulting in saving of time and money both.

Dr. V. Tokekar spoke on the matter that it is our perception that internet is the only medium of e-governance but mobiles are also playing a big role in e-governance and SMS are the examples of the same. She said that IRCTC is biggest single successful example of e-governance.

Dr. Priyesh Kanungo also said that e-governance is a means of providing services to the public and everyone has right to access good services. Providing e-services in India is now easy as infrastructure for the same is built and the people have now started trusting it.  Now only the important is to be given to the management of these facilities.

Dr. P.K. Jain opined that the biggest profit of e-governance to the society is that it has reduced corruption manifold, which is the biggest issue of concern in the society. He also discussed the misuses of IT.

Dr. V.K. Jain also threw the light on both the dark and the bright side of e-governance.

Third Session was named as Technical Session. 39 paper presentations were scheduled in it. The session was chaired by Dr. Sumant Katiyal, Prof. School of Electronics and DCDC, DAVV, Indore.

The Valedictory Session started at 5.00 P.M. It started with welcoming the guest, feedback sharing of delegates regarding the experience of conference.

The conference report was read in the session. The highlighting part of the conference was the brief introduction of chief guests Dr. Aditya Shastri, Vice chancellor Banasthali University. It was then followed by the most awaited movement that is certificate distribution to the delicates.  A momentous was presented to the honorable guest, vote of thanks was offered by Prof. Aditi Bhawsar, Conference Joint Secretary. The institute received papers from prominent institutes. The delegates and researchers came from Ujjain, Hariyana, Sholapur, Kolapur, Noida, Rajasthan and many more prestigious institutes from Indore including IIT Indore.

The Organizing Team comprised of Dr. V. K. Jain, Prof. Kiran Kumar Agrawal, Prof. Aditi Bhawsar. The Inaugural Session was coordinated by Dr. Mona Tawar, Technical Session was coordinated by Prof. Rashmi Farkiya, Panel discussion was coordinated by Prof. Kumkum Sinha and Velidictroy Session was conducted by Prof. Varun Kesari.



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