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Message by the Chairman

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Message by the Chairman

Pioneer Institute is a representation of excellent education.

In today's world, burdened with competition and challenges, there is nothing more significant than a high-quality Institute education for the young generation. It is eventually the excellence education the student receives that will drive her/him to a flourishing career and a noteworthy status in society - as well as inculcate the ethical, intellectual and spiritual values that is so vital to a students’ all round development.

The growth achieved by this Institute since its inception makes me really happy. The Institute is committed to offer quality education and training by adopting a culture of trust, fairness, tolerance and positive orientation. Our aim is to make Institute as one of the premier Institute in the country, where students’ shall acquire professional skills, knowledge and high moral standards. We aspire to develop skilled professionals and executives who will be conversant with there disciplines. To cope with the challenges of the present, the faculty members and the students are directed to upgrade themselves so that they would be able to stand on a firm grounding in a widely competitive scenario.

Broadly speaking, the Institute with its experienced and highly qualified faculty has two objectives which are jointly dependent: cultivation and development of the individual and the improvement of humanity. 


Dr. CA P.K. Jain

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