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Message by Prof. Isha Jain

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Message by Prof. Isha Jain

Education is a culture to nourish the knowledge by enlightening the spirit of dynamic and innovative professional skill. When education gets embedded with quality, the excellent human resource is generated for the man kind. 

We are proud of our efficient, professional and innovative workforce which is engaged in building the reputation of the Institute. Our celebrated triumph is the placements of our students in multinational companies, have made the Pioneer Institute a brand name in the area of professional education. 

The professional understanding is the genuine capital for students in order to make the life and living of the mankind comfortable. It grows by learning and practicing new scientific laws and technologies. Pioneer Institute is engaged in setting fire to the growing minds in order to generate this wealth by receiving the knowledge in the fields of academics. This will not only make these young people to lead a comfortable and happy life in the years to come but also make them to participate in the processes of nation building. 

Pioneer Institute is a brand name in Management education in the country, an institute engaged in comprehensive and continuous upgrading of academic environment. The motto is quality education through innovative teaching and learning processes. The faculty is actively involved into research with a commitment to full fill the dream of the Management. We at the Institute put in all efforts to inculcate virtue driven values like respect, love, compassion, friendliness, humility, gratitude etc. in our students which design their psyche in a way that they will not only be effective future managers but also successful citizens of India and of the World. 


Isha Jain


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