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Message from the Desk of the Chairman

Today's youth are the most prized resource for a better tomorrow. Hence the need to foster them by providing the best education possible is of ... Read Full Article

Message from the Desk of the Executive Director

Education has continued to evolve, diversify and extend its reach since the dawn of human history when a new direction has to be given to ... Read Full Article

Editor’s Message

This issue of “Darpan” is filled with curricular activities offered by the Institute that facilitate the students to an overall personality transformation, training them to ... Read Full Article

Message by Prof. Isha Jain

In order to recognize the importance of providing educational activities that enrich and broaden student experiences as an integral part of the curriculum as well ... Read Full Article

Udbhav 14-15 April, 2011

Udbhav is the biggest stage for cultural events a Pioneerian can look for. The best singers, groovy dancers, mimickers, marketers, painters, actors, budding directors, choreographers, ... Read Full Article

Emerging Ternds In Computing & Communication ETCC-2011

12th National Conference In Association with Computer Society of India (CSI) Sponsored By All India Council for Technical Education, Bhopal (AICTE) (May 06, 2011) ... Read Full Article

New Initiatives

DIRECT TEACHING:Advantages:-> Very specific learning targets-> Students are told reasons why content is important - helps to clarify lesson objective-> Relatively easy to measure student ... Read Full Article

Developmental Activities

Computers The Institute already had e-Library facility from EBSCO and the facility is supplied in two computer labs having a total of 120 capacity. However, the ... Read Full Article

Pioneer Website

With immense pleasure we announce that PIONEER INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, INDORE has come up with a “CMS BASED WEBSITE” which will enable faculty and ... Read Full Article


Dr. Pramod Jain & Dr. Pawan Patni (2011), Management of Emotions – For Managerial Effectiveness, published in Excellence Beyond by Excel Books, New Delhi pp ... Read Full Article

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