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Editor’s Message

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Editor’s Message

This issue of “Darpan” is filled with curricular activities offered by the Institute that facilitate the students to an overall personality transformation, training them to be better managers, better Team Worker and leader as well as better individuals. The fun filled activities instill in them, an obsession for creativity and innovation. The programs positions stress on well-formed personality improvement of the students and also in inculcating the standards of relationship and uprightness in them.

We envisage a future as the finest educational institution of the country by providing multiplicity and diversity of activities and achievements.

We dream, desire and yearn to train each student to have command of conception and comprehension, to facilitate them the access to the best openings for privileged education, to make learning simpler, smarter and realistic, to develop true independence with mutual harmony, to enhance physical, mental and spiritual growth through a perfect blend of academics, extracurricular activities, games and sports and culture programs and events  to narrow the gap between privileged and underprivileged youth in our society. The strong lights, the enigmatic DJ, was subtle but powerfully rendered were the show stealers. The Dances and Songs were class apart and enthused crowds.

Pioneer Eve, a mega talent, mega event show was a melting pot of activities. The exquisite show was re modeled into a virtual treasure as the eclectic mélange of activities from dances to creatively inclined art and craft competitions to the unique endeavor in the form of fillers saw massive participation. The mega event witnessed record breaking participation from the enthusiastic students. We intend to create and cultivate deep roots of Indian tradition and culture in the modern youth. Sharing and thoughtfulness must come to them impulsively.
Dr. Mona Tawar
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies

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