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Udbhav 14-15 April, 2011

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Udbhav is the biggest stage for cultural events a Pioneerian can look for. The best singers, groovy dancers, mimickers, marketers, painters, actors, budding directors, choreographers, acclaimed musicians, all came down to achieve and be recognized at the largest of platforms.

On 14th April, 2011, Udbhav had into its fold, an assortment of events lined up, starting with all the in-house events on the first two days and nights to set the tempo for the remainder of the events.
On the first day i.e. 14th April, 2011 it had Parents meet, which helped to communicate to parents the areas their children are excelling in and to give them specific ideas of how to improve upon their performance. We believe that parents and teachers share a common treasure—the student. It is as if they are partners in joint ownership of a valuable corporation.
The child they share also represents the values of the Institute. If we are to nurture them properly and ensure their success, we must be intentional about establishing good communication. With an intension to develop communication, allowing parents and teachers to make plans, set goals, solve problems, and establish the relationship that they need in order to have a good partnership, a PTA was organized. The evening witnessed roaring participation from the teacher community and the parent community fosters bonds on an informal note.
Then the most awaited moment was Alumni Meet where ex students of the Institute assembled to share their experiences and display their talent.  There was dance, singing, Instrument playing, speeches and experience sharing session.  A close association developed between juniors and seniors.
Delicious rounds of feisty food further stoked the happy vibes.
Putting the Cultures into motion was our second day i.e. 15th April, 2011, where a string of events not only tested the skills but also to check their fun quotient.
As our grand finale, we had the rocking show where we had leading DJ to ease the banging of heads and the swaying of bodies. We most heartily waited for them with the most happening strums and drum rolls.

Pioneer kept the spirit of merry making live and kicking by hosting its much awaited Cultural Evening. The evening which was enlivened with the rhythmic beats was a class apart as the performing artists charmed everyone into shaking legs. The irrepressible charm of peppy music exalted one and all to a different realm of ecstasy. The evening was further embellished with interesting competitions and prizes and merry making and gaiety continued late onto the night.
It was an Annual Extravaganza, where the program was embellished by the presence of Mr. Vijay Akodia, Founder Dance Indore Dance, Indore, Mrs. Ragini Mathur, Vice Principal, Pioneer Convent, Mrs. Sushma Moghe, Music Teacher, Pioneer Convent.
The program was well attended by the members of the Pioneer Society, Faculty  and Students.
Prasanna Vyas, Pravesh Shukla (Solo Singing), Ved Prakash Bharadwaj, Priyanka Kantharia, Ankur Modi, Shivangi Saxena (Duet Singing),  Arti Bhavsar, Priyadarshni Gupta, Madhuri Kriplani (Solo Dancing), and Indian Spirit, Appie & Group, Duds & Divas (Group Dancing) and many more shining stars, very fine and sensitive dancers and singers left everyone spellbound by their expressive and dynamic performance. On this day the Institute made a conscious effort to promote their rich cultural tapestry amongst the students in order to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.

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