Message from the Desk of the Chairman

Today's youth are the most prized resource for a better tomorrow. Hence the need to foster them by providing the best education possible is of utmost importance. At Pioneer, we strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge, within a dynamic and interactive environment, thereby enabling our students to gain distinction and honors in their chosen fields.

The Institute set out with the very clear vision that in today's world, the very definition of education has transformed. 'Mentoring' takes precedence over mere transmitting of information and there is a critical difference between acquiring information and understanding.

We believe in providing hi-tech infrastructure of global standards, stretching objectives in its venture to raise standards, attainment of aptness precision faultlessness par excellence in all fields, empowering faculty with the newest trends in education techniques and equipment and creating liberal citizens, who will hold the steering wheel of society.

Thus, it is crucial that the nurturing of ethical values and behavior must underpin the entire education system. Only then can we empower the young to deal inconsistency with confidence, self-reliance self-assurance and show understanding and compassion in their dealings.

Dr. CA P.K. Jain
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies