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Industrial Visits

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To Neo Corp International, Pithampur, Ritspin Synthetic, Pithampur, Peb Lloyd Steel, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Report of Industrial Visits

Neo Corp International, Pithampur

The students of Pioneer Institute learned how NCIL has been securing people and their possessions since two decades through eco- friendly, efficient products through state of the art production facilities. They learned that NCIL has entered into other technical textile segments like Geotech and Agrotech.
Regarding its Industrial and Consumer Packaging, it is manufactured with state of the art manufacturing facilities. Their wide range of PACKTECH products provide cost effective solutions for storage carriage and protection requirements of industrial, agricultural goods.
Packaging is an ideal and long established application for textiles. The Packtech application area includes all textiles used for the temporary containment, carriage, storage and protection of industrial, agricultural and other goods. It ranges from relatively heavyweight woven fabrics used for bags, sacks, FIBCs, wrappings for textile bales and carpets etc. to lightweight woven used as Leno bags and other food and industrial product wrappings.
Students also learned the concepts of the major works like Manufacturing, Extrusion, Weaving, Knitting, and Assembly. They were highly privileged to meet Col. (Retd.) Nishit Kumar Mathur, Vice President, H.R. & Administration.

Ritspin Synthetic, Pithampur

The students of Pioneer Institute learned that the unit of Ritspin Synthetic, Pithampur is a Leading Yarn Manufacturer of 100% VSF in all over India. Their Spindle capacity is 25608 nos. In 2002-03, the company was rewarded by SRTEPC for exporting highest 100% VSF yarn from the India. Presently, they are manufacturing 100% VSF, 100% PSF, P/V 65: 35, V/P 67: 33 and specialty yarn like 100% Tencel (Lyocell), VSF/Polyamide blend. Their business type is Manufacture. The Number of Employees are 51 ~ 200. The Business Scope is Textile. They are member since 2007.

Sayaji Hotel, Indore

The students felt the Midas touch of hospitality, check-in....sit back and relax! They wondered whether they will ever be able to see it again. When everything they wanted happened in one touch. There was some magic as some idyllic haven. Why
not just because the haven is Sayaji.
1000 square feet Presidential Suite, 5 Suites and 11 Executive Accommodations make up the Grande Seventh on the 7th floor. It is where standards have been re-set,
benchmarks in luxury and services created and redefined.

It is where comfort and personalized service have been taken to the highest level. It is where, after a stay, we realize that this is no ordinary accommodation. That is the Grande Seventh. The main features are Complimentary Wi- Fi connection 
across every possible corner at Sayaji, Computer in each room, Mercedes Benz pick up & drop, Internet, email, fax, answering machine, Ford Ikon in attendance, Butler service, Music and Movie on demand of choice, 24 hour floor check in and out, Secretarial service on Grande floor, Personalized stationary, Billing status on room PC, Self check out for regular guests.

Peb Lloyd Steel

Lloyds have joint venture with PEB group of companies, based in Europe, having its manufacturing unit at Vietnam and experience of over 3,200 PEBs in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Qatar, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

PEB Steel Lloyd offices are staffed with talented and experienced engineers who are very pleased to offer a completely free consultation and a comprehensive quotation including proposal drawings, in the shortest possible time frame. The students got to know that the Pre Engineered Buildings are extremely quick and efficient. They have a simple design, are light weight & easy to construct. Their delivery takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks. Thus, both costs & time of erection are minimized. The erection process is easy, fast, step by step and easy to fabricate. Their outstanding architectural design can be achieved at low cost. PEBs are flexible and modular and lend themselves easily to future expansion. The students learned Analysis & Design of Structures, Co-Ordination with Sales office & Design Consultant PMC, Submission of Design / Detailing / Fabrication / Erection Drawings, Co-Ordination with Manufacturing Unit
The most common applications of PEBS are Factory Sheds, Warehouses, Hangars, Workshops, and Power plants, Fuel and Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Airport Terminal Buildings, Cold Storages, Retail Showrooms, Hospitals, Stadiums.