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Message from the Desk of the Chairman

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Message from the Desk of the Chairman

In a knowledge-based society, involvement to the filed of information can unwrap innovative and exhilarating prospects on top  of giving the society what is popularly known as ecstasy of Success.

Information is being measured as one of the most imperative drivers of the economy today and shall continue to be so in the years to come. Becoming a flourishing Institute requires the capability to generate significant research that expands the frontiers of awareness. The Program in Management and IT, at Pioneer Institute Indore, provides an excellent opportunity to faculty members and students and all those who wish to contribute to the field of management and IT by participating in the broad spectrum of management disciplines. The goal of the program is to prepare faculty and students for an excellent career in the field of teaching, training, and research.

The best ways to serve society will be to make the young generations more creative and responsible; this can be achieved only through quality education. We, the promoters, took a endeavor in this course and established Pioneer. I am happy to see the steady augmentation and enlargement of this Institute since its initiation.

Faculty and students are speedily drawn into the stimulating academic discourse that takes place in numerous Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences. These workshops give faculty, participants, and visiting scholars, the opportunity to expose their ideas to the constructive feedback and the opening to discover immediate knowledge of their contemporaries.

I welcome you to be a part of the Pioneer community.
Dr. P.K. Jain
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies