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Seminar on Personal Interview

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Seminar on Personal Interview

A seminar on "Personal Interviews" dated 01-Apr-2010, seminar was attended by all final year student of PIPS and this was presented by Major General Dr. V.S Karnik.

On 1st April 2010, Major General Dr. V.S. Karnik gave a Seminar on “Personal Interview”. In his lecture, he said that Personal Interviews are a significant part of selection process at various jobs as well as for admissions to professional institutes. There are many personal interview tips that can help a student in getting his/her dream job. At a job interview, the interviewer meets with the candidate to assess their capabilities, skills and level of experience.

He gave a list of personal interview tips that was very helpful to the students.Personal Interview tips equip candidates to be better prepared to face any kind of probable questions from the interviewer. These interview tips are also aimed at instilling confidence in the candidates, which is a vital ingredient for success at job interviews.

He gave his views on Dress Code. Since a personal interview is a formal affair, it is advisable that the candidates be well dressed, preferably in formals. A well dressed candidate automatically exudes an air of confidence that speaks well of his/her personality. He also spoke on several etiquettes that must be followed when facing the interviewer.

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