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New Initiatives

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New initiatives taken at Pioneer Institutes of Professional Studies

New Initiatives

  • Classroom culture is made highly interactive involving more case studies, simulations & exercises, individual & group presentations, role-plays and live projects.
  • Lectures and seminars from illustrious speakers from academia and industry are integrated in the curriculum to keep students rationalized on emerging trends in the industry and economy.
  • The teaching methodology is designed to augment originality of judgment, creativity in decision making and building managerial proficiency.
  • Strong emphasis is laid on building analytical capability among the students through participation and presentation of cases ranging from brief business situation analysis to functional cases in each subject.
  • Students with diverse backgrounds, qualifications and learning styles are encouraged to bring in their experiences and perspectives as key learning. In both individual and team-based projects, students constantly challenge themselves and are inspired to give their best in an academically rigorous yet open-minded environment.
  • Team work and peer learning is one of the key focus areas. Tasks/assignments are designed in such a fashion that involve a lot of group work and interaction among students. All this enables student learn
  • interpersonal skills and group dynamics; an exceedingly essential requirement for later part of their lives.

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