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Issue 3 July-Sep 2010

Presentation on National Flag.

The chairman of the institute gave a presentation on the national flag of India "Tiranga" . He explained in detail the the colors used in the national flag and also the Ashoka Emblem "CHAKRA" and also the inception of flag code which gave freedom to display the Indian flag by the citizens. ... Read more

Seminar on Time Management and How to Overcome Examination Fear.

A seminar was conducted for the students and faculty members of the institute by Brahma Kumari Manju didi. ... Read more

Seminar on Transcendental Meditation (TM)

A yoga director conducted a seminar on Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the movements of Transcendental Meditation for the spiritual movements for all meditation techniques which can be practiced. ... Read more

Induction Program for the students

3 days induction programs for student was conducted at the campus of the institute, this induction program was quite useful for the students and various lectures, seminars and presentation was performed by various professionals and talking of their real time experiences. ... Read more

Presentation on Time Management

Presentation on time management conducted at the campus for the students of pioneer institute, this presentation made the student and staff aware various tools and skill which can be used for completion of an assignment in the stipulated time frame. This presentation was very use full for all the faculty members and student of the institute ... Read more

Big FM Visits Campus

Grand occasion at the campus of Pioneer institute on visit of BIG RM radio station, there was a great celebration conducted in the campus on this occasion ... Read more

Lecture on Motivation

A lecture was undertaken for all student and staff of pioneer institute of professional studies on motivations, where it was explained how motivation can be helpful to attain goals in personal and professional life on an individual ... Read more

Table Manners Presentation

The presentation on table manners was conducted by the staff of FLYSKY AIR HOSTESS for the students of pioneer institute to make them aware how imporatant the table manners are in the society ... Read more

Industrial Visits

To minimize the gap of professional education and corporate culture Pioneer Institute organizes industry visit for their management professionals. List of industrial visits organized by the college from Sep-2010 to Oct-2010 are... ... Read more


The Staff and student of Pioneer Institute publish various articles, papers, Journals and books all the published projects are listed ... Read more

New Initiatives

New initiatives under taken in the academic lalender year from JUL-2010 to SEP-2010. ... Read more

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