Message from the desk of the Chairman

Pioneer Institute of professional Studies has been established in Indore to outfit to the needs of professional education. The Institute is indomitable to stimulate unquenchable fire of desire to discover, and to implant the persistent stamina for success with a sensible understanding so as to be successful in whatever fields of activities they are operating and whatever positions they hold on completion of their education. The Institute is committed to make its students fully secure, well-informed, societal alert.
The best ways to serve society will be to make the young generations more creative and responsible; this can be achieved only through quality education. We, the promoters, took an endeavor in this course and established Pioneer I am happy to see the steady augmentation and enlargement of this Institute since its initiation.
I look ahead to the unconditional support from all establishments, concerned academic institutions, industries, community, colleagues, faculty, friends and most prominently the students, who have joined hands in realizing my dreams into reality in serving to humanity and making this institute a great success.

I am sure, that the Institute will undoubtedly develop into a top-level management institute of the nation very short and craft a position for itself.

 CA Dr. P.K. Jain
Chairman, Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore