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Presentation on Octapace Culture.

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Dr. Pawan Patni Dr. Pawan Patni

this culture which exist in an organization was explained and defined in the presentation conducted.








On 7th August 2010,  Dr. Pawan Patni gave a presentation on Octapace Culture. He enlighted by saying that Organizational Culture can be defined as cumulative, crystallized and quasistable shared life shared style of people as reflected in the presence of some states of life over others, in the response predispositions towards several significant issues and phenomena (attitudes), in the organized ways of filling time in relation to certain affairs (rituals), and in the ways of promoting desired and preventing undesirable behavior (sanctions). 

The most important aspect of organizational culture are the values it practices. Eight values may be examined to develop the profile of an organizational culture that is called octapace. 

It  is Openness, Confrontation, Trust, Authenticity, Proactively, Autonomy, Collaboration, and Experimenting.

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