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Presentation on Advertising & Sales Promotion,

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Prof. Sweta Jain Prof. Sweta Jain

Various effective advertisements and sales promotion tools were discussed in the presentation keeping the objective of the advertisement and sales promotion

On 30th September, 2010, Prof. Shweta Jain gave a presentation on Advertising & Sales Promotion, peeping inside.
She said, generally when ever we watch any advertisement or see any discount offer in the market, we don’t know the story behind it, who are the people behind it, why they have created this, why the company have come up with this, what is the expectation of the company with this advertisement or promotional offer etc. An outsider can not understand these terms. But as we all are management teachers, it is necessary for us to know little bit of these terms even though it is not their subject. And that is the reason of choosing this topic. The Contents of Presentation included Promotion Mix Tools, What is Advertising & Sales Promotion, Development of Advertising, Objective, Functions & Benefits of Advertising & Sales Promotion, Key Players of Advertising & Sales Promotion, Media & Categories of Media, Tools & Techniques of Sales Promotion, Budget & Evaluation, How the companies are making money ? etc.

She explained the terms advertising & sales promotion. What is the need of advertising and sales promotion, why companies are adopting these two tools more than other promotional tools, why every second company is going for either advertising or sales promotion or both? How companies are making interesting and effective advertisements? What media mix companies are deciding to promote their products, the different sales promotional schemes companies are offering now a day, like discounts, contests, sweepstakes, coupons etc. How companies can motivate their own sales team, distribution channels and customers with the help of sales promotion.

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