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Presentation On Succession Planning

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Prof Veena Dadnavi Prof Veena Dadnavi

Planning plays and important role for any industry where it can start with recruitment to training of the newly appointed employees by the employer. This presentation was mainly to cover various procedures and steps for successful planning

On 1st October, 2010, Prof Veena Dadwani gave a presentation on Succession Planning. She said that Succession planning is a process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. Through your succession planning process, you recruit superior employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles.

Actively pursuing succession planning ensures that employees are constantly developed to fill each needed role. As  our organization expands, loses key  employees, provides promotional opportunities, and increases sales, your succession planning guarantees that you have employees on hand ready and waiting to fill new roles. Effective, Proactive succession planning leaves your organization well prepared for expansion, the loss of a key employee, filling a new, needed job, employee promotions, and organizational redesign for opportunities. Successful succession

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