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Guest Lecture on Social Responsibility towards Senior Citizens in India.

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3rd October, 2010, By Dr. Manohar N. Kulkarni, Professor Emeritus, PGDMMS & RC, SIT, Tumkur

He started his lecture by saying that safety and security of the elderly, especially those living alone are a concern. Due to their physical weakness and lonely status, senior citizens are easy targets for criminals - especially in urban surroundings. At times they are the butt of anti social behavior - verbal abuse, vandalism, unprovoked assault, abusive behavior intended to cause fear or distress. They could be victims also of threats from their own relatives, domestic help or servants, landlords, tenants, strangers, thieves or intruders. They are often exposed to accidents or mishaps even within the house.
Loneliness is often caused by wanting people to do something for us. When we do things for other people, we are never lonely. Self-referenced thinking often leads to a barrenness of spirit that breeds discontent and loneliness. Think up, think out, toward people, think around, toward all the exciting things of life; and avoid thinking too much about yourself.
We should make them comfortable so that they can continue their last journey with ease and mental peace. It is fact that the status of Old Age people is different from society to society, culture to culture and from country to country, but their fundamental issues do not change. They often feel ignored, isolated, disrespected and eventually put into a situation where they feel helpless and start thinking of death.