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Workshop on Professional Letter Writing and Communication Skills

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25th October 2010,By Prof. Veena Dadwani, Director PEPGI, Indore.

She said, that when you learn the basics of professional letter writing, you will soon notice that you have a skill that many business people do not have. Professional letter writing is just as important into today’s society as it was when guidelines for this standard of writing were set. This article outlines some tips that will help you to write effective and professional letters to your clients, other business, and your affiliates.
Professional letter writing begins with a proper greeting to your intended reader. It is important to address a person correctly when writing a letter. The body of your letter is extremely important because this is where you convey your thoughts. Professional letter writing demands that you use grammatically correct sentences and that your spelling is impeccable. Your thoughts must be organized and flow smoothly in your letter. If a letter is hard for the reader to understand, they may ignore the letter or simply toss it aside for another time. If possible, each point or new discussion in your letter should begin a new paragraph. 
Professional letter writing begins with an appropriate beginning, and, thus, must end with an appropriate closing. There are many options for how you choose to end your letter, but the main thing to remember is the right way to write out a closing.