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Message from the Desk of the Director

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Message from the Desk of the Director

The Director Dr. V.K Jain addresses to all readers of the DARPAN VOL II-ISSUEII newletter

On behalf of Pioneer Institute, I proffer my greetings to all the readers of this Newsletter. e newsletter has been an imperative component of our online landscape and craft a very significant contribution not only to the immediate bottom line, but also to long-term developments. When looking in the mirror, it is always looking back at ourselves. Our reflections are seen as our own projections. There are two ways to spread ecstasy and delight; either be the light that shines or be the mirror who reflects it. So “Darpan” is one such ventre to reveal and reflect  the recognition of our identification.

We marked this issue by featuring yet again the vibrancy of our institute with the many events and activities that we have undertaken. This issue features a wide spectrum of activities from the National Conference to “Udbhav”- our annual function to the pinnacle of accomplishments we have been awarded. 
We aspire to inform you of the recent advancements at our Institute, offer you opportunities to engage in activities on campus and above all, provide you with an excellent avenue to share our success stories and find out about others’. 

The last few months have been an exciting time for us. We have seen growth and development in many areas at our Institute. We would like to share with you the triumph of our escalation. These commemoration and celebration are important as part of our educational process.

As always, I welcome your continued input as we strive to improve the standards of academics through sound programs.

(Dr. V.K. Jain)
Director -MCA
Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore