Seminar On Personality Development

Ms. Deepti Sahu, Executive Officer, Air Hostess Academy, Indore, delivered a talk on “Personality Development”

On 21st March 2009, She highlighted how our personality plays a major role in organization, how we perceive the world and how the world perceives us. She painted various set of qualities that make a person distinct from another. Our personality comprises our beliefs and values. Our current personality, whatever it may be, has been shaped in a number of ways. Psychologists have studied human personalities for years and have come to a number of conclusions. It is assumed that certain traits in our character are hereditary, yet things like our values and beliefs are derived from socialization and unique experiences.

She highlighted on the actual implication of personality, various factors influencing personality, attitude, the success mantra, the grooming, and the tips for the development of personality with real and live examples.