Issue 3 July - Sept 2018


On 17th July, 2018, FDP was conducted by Dr. Prachi Sharma for all the Faculty members of Pioneer Institute. At Pioneer Institute, each faculty member is encouraged to attend training programmes which would lead to skill building and enhancement in their chosen area of specialization. Further, the senior faculty members who have proven expertise in their subjects are encouraged to offer various training programmes/workshop with the objective of disseminating knowledge to the larger academic and practitioner community alike. Faculty Development Program aims to strengthen teaching and research skills in the contemporary and emerging areas of management and to expose participants to recent developments in teaching and research methods. The program uncovers case based methods of teaching and helps the participants in developing the skills in preparing cases to be used for their classes. Faculty Development is initiated through a competitive edge faculty programme where they would initiate and inculcate their experiences and engage in the process of learn new modes and become academically equipped.

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