Activities under NSS SFU 01

Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri

On 2nd October 2017, Rotary Club 3040 celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri with the vision - Youths are the present along with the Future. 2nd of October is also celebrated internationally as the International Day of Non-Violence because of Gandhi Ji being a preacher of non-violence throughout his life. “We will always remember Bapu as a symbol of peace and truth”. With these line the event started by Saraswati Vandana which was followed by welcome speech delivered by Rtn. Sartia Agrawal. She welcomed the Chief Guest DG. Rtn Zamin Hussain and also introduced him to all. She also conveyed the purpose of the gathering by acknowledging the youths. She said that if we want our nation to be counted in the top notch then we all have to contribute towards our mission - Dream India.

She also sighted the strengths of Indian Youth and said that the country only needs belongingness of such deserving youths. Rather than serving other nations after acquiring higher education the youths should contribute towards making India a Destination Nation for the youths to explore opportunity for growth.

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