Corporate Lecture by Management Career Institute on Communication Skill

  On 10 October, 2017 a Lecture was taken on Communication Skills by Management Career Institute to provide insight knowledge of Communication Skill. The objectives were to:

  Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of communication skills

  Understand Optimal Thinking and its vital role in communication

  Explore how to challenge and optimize suboptimal thoughts, feelings and behaviors

  Learn how to listen most effectively

  Interpret and optimize non-verbal communications

  Discover how to untangle “mixed signals”

  Find out when silence can be the most effective communication tool

  Discover how to respond optimally even when one is ready to explode

  Define the communication style that will maximize the success

  Learn how to fit in with others — even if one has little in common

  Find out how to remember and use people’s names most effectively

  Gain skills to best deal with those who complain, criticize, blame and make excuses

  Optimize communications with those who practice one-upmanship

  Negotiate optimal solutions with different personality types

  Hone verbal assertiveness to minimize all undesirable behaviors

  Examine five critical factors to consider when choosing corrective measures

  Explore how to eliminate obstacles to optimal communication

  Learn how to admit mistakes without losing respect from others

  Apply the most constructive techniques for resolving conflicts

  Discover how to respect the dignity, rights and vulnerabilities of all concerned

  Develop a realistic daily plan of action to optimize communication skills